A Video Break

This has been a productive spring break.  I finally had some time to look in more depth at video editing and actually make a few videos.  (See http://cpsproflib.blip.tv)  The first video I made was for anyone in CPS to watch to learn how to access our Professional Library online catalog and to check out books remotely.  The other video I made was on the topic of the web tool “Wallwisher”.  I made this one initially for our Project ELITE group.

How did I finally get into this?  Well, I’d been playing around with CamStudio for a while.  It is a popular and free screen recording software program.  I combined this with Windows MoveMaker and simple voice recording to put together serviceable videos.  I’m beginning to look into Audacity because I’m not totally happy with changing sound levels.  My videos are far from perfect, but we all have to jump in somewhere and I think they are good enough to get the message across.  That’s what video is all about anyway!

So, now that I’ve made the big leap, I look forward to making more videos and, hopefully, improving them.  In the day of You Tube and Teacher Tube, I think we all need to become adept at creating video.  Our students are certainly there and have been for some time.


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