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The Latest News

I’ve been away from this blog for a while and recently over at my other blog:  We hosted Sara Kelly Johns, ALA Presidential candidate, in 2nd life last week.  I took a lot of pictures and uploaded them to Flicker, too.  I’m back here, though, because I’ve been having a great time reading and responding to the blogposts of the Project ELITE group and I wanted to share a bit about that project.

First of all, last Friday we held the high school Battle of the Books competition at Whitney Young HS.  That was a great day.  The three winning semi-finalist teams are Sullivan HS, Whitney Young HS, and Juarez HS.  They will compete on stage at the Mayor Daley’s Book Club Spring Conference later this year (date TBA). 

I’m also looking forward to a webinar I helped to organize for ISTE SIGMS to take place this Tuesday.  It will feature Doug Johnson, Joyce Valenza, and David Loertscher – a veritable Dynamic Trio!!  See for more information.  Of course, if you’re following me on Twitter or FB, you already know this.

I also found out this week that I’ve been approved as a provider to the American Library Association – Allied Professionals Association (ALA-APA) to offer periodic online classes to library assistants nationwide.  I’m really looking forward to that out-of-hours activity and to teach totally online.  I’ve been working on my website this weekend.

Also, I’ve been thinking about developing an instructional video in Cam Studio this week to teach others how to locate eBooks in our Professional Library catalog.  I’m just deciding where I’ll host the video.  Teacher Tube, maybe?  You Tube?  (no matter that it is blocked in our network)

Finally, I’ve had such fun with Glogster.  There is a huge buzz about it and kids love it.  I’m really looking forward to working with the Project ELITE team tomorrow night and see what they create.