Tech Stuff for the Week

I attended the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference this past Friday.  I picked up some good tips.  I especially liked Lucy Gray’s session on new Google Apps.  See her slideshow at  Although the conference organizers used a Chatzy chatroom as the conference back channel, Twitter again became the defacto preferred backchannel technology.  I’ve seen this happen at the past few conferences I’ve attended.  If you’d like to see what we tweeted about, search for #ICE2010.  At the conference, I also volunteered at the 2nd Life poster session with Irish Bain, CPS librarian at Crane High School.  See the ICE Friday session handouts at

I’ve also been busy in 2nd Life this week, hosting two tours with university students.  Read about it and see the pictures at  Lots of Flickr uploading going on….

Finally, I have been developing an asynchronous activity for our Project ELITE librarians.  I planned to do an activity on Wordle when, lo and behold, it was taken down today due to a challenge of copyright infringement.  That is rather earthshaking, even in a Web 2.0 landscape in which applications come and go.  Wordle commonly appears on many folks’ top ten list of favorite technologies right now.  So, I had to scramble and find a different word cloud generator site.  I settled on Word It Out! at  What is most interesting about this to me is that Twitter is rapidly becoming my PLN technology of choice.  I tweeted out Wordle’s shut down as soon as I saw it.  Within several hours, various other folks had independently seen the same thing and were beginning to tweet alternate sites.  Several mentioned Word It Out!, I checked it out, found it the most closely aligned to what we need, and it became a focus for next week’s Project ELITE activity.  Yay, Twitter and my PLN!!


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