Librarians Using Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys are a great way to engage students in the learning process.  Here are some ways off the top of my head that librarians can use polls and surveys:

  • Have students vote on popular research topics.
  • Mock book awards process
  • Vote on the next read-aloud book
  • Make a Student Picks list of favorite books
  • Teen Tech Week: Vote of favorite technologies
  • Read a book without the ending and predict the ending
  • Voting for various school-wide contests – art, writing, etc
  • Solicit suggestions for a future library celebration activity
  • Get suggestions for new book orders
  • Gather data (such as favorite pizza topping or favorite color) to create charts and graphs
  • Group assessment of debates, speeches, or other competitive performances.
  • Opinion polls:  What do you feel is the primary cause of global warming?  In your opinion, what were significant factors contributing to the start of the Civil War? 
  • Social activism:  How can our school celebrate Earth Day?  What are ways we can practice conservation of resources at home and school?
  • Rating responses:  What are the most important Internet safety tips on this list?  Which musicians do you think were most influential in the birth of rock and roll?

With colleagues:

  • Get suggestions for activities to celebrate Family Reading Night, Open House, etc
  • Get suggestions for new book orders
  • Focus committee work by getting suggestions on a topic or planning next steps – consensus building

This is just a start.  I’ll look forward to reading what other librarians do with polling and surveys.


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